Dream Sequence #2


Three brothers were coded with special powers at birth. All grew to have thick skin and huge muscles. One didn’t care for the myth and parted ways with the others to live an ordinary life. Two spent years unlocking the various codes within themselves to unleash their powers. At first they helped one another, shared information and brought the powers out together. But one became greedy and vowed he would be the only ultimate one, stopped cooperating, and hid away to become strong alone. Then, when he’d found the final power, he came back to kill his brother. They fought beneath amber light on a street where I used to live. The ‘incomplete’ brother fought well, and in the process became conscious of the name of the final power. His challenge was then to shield himself from his brother for long enough to find the code in himself, using the name as a key. The powers had to be equal or he would die and his brother would bring down darkness and tornados. Meanwhile, a second trio were being created in the clouds…


A witch lived upstairs in a room we never spoke about. They never came out once in years, until one day the cantankerous man downstairs, who had a squirrel/lizard embedded in the skin of his shoulder, became sick and had to be taken to hospital. For all we hated him being there, it turned out he had been carrying the talisman that protected the house from the witch. When the witch emerged they were just rolls of bald fat. Their doomful screech pushed me through the walls and into the next dream.


There was a door that would never close.


I was reading these tales from a little black book embossed with gold lettering. As I read, they came to be. I only got a quarter way through.

Moments of surreal narrative, interconnected dream shards, mythology seeping through the cracks in consciousness. Creative auto flash (non) fiction journal. Note form.

The painting in the header is from my visual dream journal.

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