Attempts at Sanity

I went into the dark ages and was hung as a witch to find my sanity. Yellow foul coated my throat.

I went on a journey across timelines to find my sanity, guided by an avatar called M. Chapel perilous, ghosts in the app, to the moon and back. Got caught in a loop where M thought she could prevent the virus she accidentally caused, but only ended up rebooting humanity on a ruined planet.

I went to London alone to find my sanity. Tried and failed to connect many times. Got caught in a self referential loop [again].

I went deep into a mine, trusting yet another avatar more than my own family to find my sanity. Slipped in and out a few realities, observed various versions of myself from afar. Drowned a few times, too.

I became an avatar to find my sanity. An archetype of sorts who dwelled in dreams. Became a librarian and tried to solve a bunch of other people’s problems. Lived in a black box hidden in plain sight.

I became a purveyor of body upgrades to find my sanity. Trundled my trolley along streets lined with purple mushrooms beneath pink skies. Connected with a hacker who showed me a time map and a way to escape the corporates climbing the fences and hissing.

I split my personality to find my sanity. Worked tulpas like clay in the mind, brought them out in front of me and sketched their faces. I cried when I realised they all looked like me. I brought them into a group hug, and then we raved into the night.

I will keep trying.

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