Fragments of Perception and Other Stories

Containing 36 vignettes, Fragments of Perception is a roller-coaster ride through the depths of the psyche. In these imagined versions of our world, future technology meets metaphysics, quantum theory blurs with spirituality, and insanity becomes a friend.

Here you will see through the eyes of personifies thought-forms, people who worship black holes, and individuals exploring planes of shared consciousness. You will encounter misunderstood guardian angels, meditating robots, and a mythical species sending advice to humanity in unconventional ways…

These stories may be super short, but they really pack a punch. Whatever your perspective, they are sure to stay with you long after you turn the final page.

Readers are saying:

“Every fascinating tale has hidden just beneath the surface an unmistakable blueprint for psychological growth and a new understanding of the seemingly esoteric. A philosophical masterpiece!”

“It’s as if KafkaNeil Gaiman and Philip K Dick had their DNA mixed up during teleport and reformed on the other side as one being, firing off flash fiction as fast as synapses.”

“A labyrinth of psycho-techno thrills.”

“Each story is the cleverest dream you’ll ever have. This book has joined the selection of cult books I’ll never not be reading.”

“A masterwork of weird, philosophical science fiction.”

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Mind in the Gap

The body likes continuity. It’s part of the deal. But the truth is, there are gaps everywhere. Gaps only the mind can slip through…

Across the multiverse, strangers with purple eyes are appearing on transportation routes. Bringing chaos into the paths of commuters, they navigate reality eclipses, mind-detaching psychedelics, security bots with a hunger for brainwaves, and digital synchronicity maps – all with one purpose in mind.

A multi-dimensional short story collection from the author of Fragments of Perception. Complex, dizzying, and remarkably original, Mind in the Gap will leave you pondering both our future with technology and the very nature of reality. If you loved the marvelous minds of Philip K DickWilliam GibsonAldous Huxley and Robert Anton Wilson, then without a doubt, this is a book for you.

Readers are saying:

“Mind-bogglingly brilliant. A unique melding of quantum physics, metaphysics, philosophy, psychology, emotion and wit all in one volume.”

“Funny, terrifying and heart-breaking.”

“The closest thing to a psychedelic epiphany without a mind-altering substance.”

“Surreal, short sharp shocks that transport you to possible futures. I’ll never think about consciousness – or reality – in quite the same way again.”

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