Containing 36 mind-bending stories, Fragments of Perception will take you on a roller coaster ride through the depths of the psyche. In these imagined versions of our world, future technology meets metaphysics, quantum theory blurs with spirituality, and insanity becomes a friend.

Here you will see through the eyes of personified thought-forms, people who worship black holes, and individuals exploring planes of shared consciousness. You will encounter guardian angels who feel misunderstood, meditating robots, and mythical species sending advice to humanity in unconventional ways.

Originally published on the Orchid’s Lantern blog, some stories have been revised and expanded for this collection; others are brand new and exclusive. All are written in the unique brand of surrealism for which C.R. Dudley is fast becoming known.

Whatever your perspective, this is a book that will stay with you long after you turn the final page.


“As if Kafka, Neil Gaiman, and PK Dick had their DNA mixed up during teleport and reformed on the other side as one being, firing off flash fiction as fast as synapses.” – Logan Ryan Smith

“A labyrinth of psycho-techno thrills. The work of a brilliant mind. A masterpiece of thought provoking stories.” – Pablo Cuzco

“Short, complex, philosophical and futuristic stories. Reality and dream intertwine, creating a special tone in the book, an interrogative tone of ellipsis and strangeness, but also of melancholy. An unusually intelligent book.” – Eva Garcia Fornet

Signed copies available from Orchid’s Lantern Press.

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