A cube creeps towards me

though I can only see

the [iridescent] edges

It settles eventually

against a wall

A makeshift portal

to the crocodiles

and their sinking teeth

Vertebrae of metal / Wooden oesophagus / Heart of clock

Every organ in the body a transmitter

crying SOS through a system of mirrors

I grow an extra lung

All puffed out

When I inhale it escapes

out through my back

Spreads itself like a great wing

Dust and nails and dust and nails and dust

Memories of grass

and perished elastic bands

holding it all together

Time gathering on surfaces

Every shape could be the same

Uniform in entropy

Makes me sickest of all

Overstitched maps

Tickets to nowhere

It’s all right here

Quay Brothers / The Veils / the Abyss.

Header Image Credit: Yang Xia via Unsplash

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