Hybrid [Manifesto]

1. Writing about a writer is cliché.

2. Too many novels start with a journey.

3. Dreams and flashbacks are lazy plot devices.

4. Elaborate prose presented as monologue is self-indulgent.

5. Philosophy should be hidden, not overt.

6. So fucking what.

7. You fall out of one overused trope and into another.

8. You follow one piece of advice and go against another.

9. I ignore it all in Endless Circles.

10. I juxtapose the obvious and the obscure.

11. Literary and genre.

12. Fiction and non-fiction.

13. Meta.

14. Hybrid.

I’ve often hidden my intuitive [raw] way of writing because it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t make sense, it’s not good, it’s not what people want. But it is me, and if I don’t show that, my art is insincere. So I’m mixing it in with what is expected. I’m taking what has been done a million times before and throwing in the unknown, the dark shadow in the corner. Myself.

The painting in the header is my own.

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