Parallel #2: Vortex

Next door’s telly and a falling plane [barometer]

“Tyrone Slothrop is gonna be caught out in it, too.”

Minerva now, bursting from the head

Wants to know what’s going on

Why the timelines are slipping and what the hormones have got to do with it

Take a good gulp of water, lass

Come back down

Experiment in real time, nothing to hide

Fill up your head with profiteroles

Emerge a mess, coated in dried blood

The moment words fall apart

“Big mean mother”

Too tired to think

Too much motion to sleep


Stemming directly from the Journal Sequences project, Parallels is part stream of consciousness, part exploration into recurrence and association. Spirals of awareness. Rhythms in thought. Accidental spells in everyday life, hidden beneath the surface. A series of loosely formed vignettes to mythologise the instant.

Gravity’s Rainbow / Clarice Lispector / Patti Smith / Roman Pantheon / the Abyss

Header image credit: Pawel Czerwinski via Unsplash

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