Journal Sequence #2: A Month [Alone in the Dark]

Dual-aspect monism
Quantum physics
Extreme synchronicity
Internal screaming
Spinozan philosophy
Ecstatic grinning
Kathy Acker
Manic laughter
Sporadic poetry composition
Riffing aphorisms
Foreboding in the ribcage
Alone in the Dark
Painting in the mind
Burying nihilism
Violent dancing
Armchair philosophy
Georges Bataille
Dreaming in the daytime
Bleeding scabs
Platonic craving
Thelemic Will
Patti Smith
Cloud nine
Claws of desperation
Disappearing abyss
Dual-aspect monism

I’m trying something out here. Looking for patterns, rhythms, connections in journaling and beauty in fragments. I’m looking for the point at which communication breaks down between writer and reader, where intrigue fails and where the key to subjectivity may lie. I take a word or phrase from my journal each day for a month and see how wafer-thin slices of time play out on a page. How extractions from the main code form new codes.

Header Image: Alone in the Dark by CR Dudley

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